Fossil Books - Suggested Reading
The Fossil Hunters guide to fossil collecting, fossil diving and fossil identification books.
A complete Fossil hunters suggested reading guide. Learn where to find fossils and how to identify the fossils already in your own collection. A great assortment of books for any fossil hunters library.

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Megalodon Writing in a conversational style for the lay person -- without forsaking science -- the author embarks on a world-wide hunt for the largest predatory fish and most fearsome shark ever to inhabit our global seas. After 62 million years, the fossil record for this 60-foot aqua-motive known as C. megalodon abruptly ends.

In part, this is a color-illustrated guide book that pinpoints where to search for Meg teeth and other shark fossils in Florida and elsewhere, as well as how to identify the various species. It is also meant to invite lively discussions about how such a menacing predator became extinct, or whether it is still lurking deep below the oceanís surface. Additionally, the book is a rallying cry for treating todayís sharks (as well as all life forms) with as much respect as we ourselves would want to be treated.

    Dinosaur The most trusted nonfiction series on the market, Eyewitness Books provide an in-depth, comprehensive look at their subjects with a unique integration of words and pictures.
    Shark Chronicles Reading Musick, a Virginia Institute of Marine Science professor, and McMillan (Titanic: Fortune and Fate) is like watching a nature documentary: you're consumed not so much by storytelling as by factoids: sharks have taste buds, have been around for more than 400 million years and can be warm-blooded. Shark stomachs have turned up "license plates, carcasses of dogs, birds, and horses, and sides of rotten beef jettisoned by cruise ships. The navy occasionally finds evidence of shark bites on its submarines." This comprehensive look at the much-feared creatures takes readers from Montana to Mexico to Malaysia, tracing the fish's development from ancient ur-shark to sea king. Musick and McMillan discuss fossil excavations and evolutionary biology, debunk the myth that shark cartilage is a cancer cure and show how the shark became a favorite media scapegoat, all while narrating their own research travels across the globe. These on-the-spot reports can seem somewhat gratuitous and, along with cheeky chapter titles like "The Carnivore Cafe" and "Sex, Sharks, and Videotape," they start to feel like a panicked and unnecessary attempt to compensate for the book's hard-science tilt. Nonetheless, Jaws junkies will eat up the fascinating shark facts sprinkled liberally through the book, and armchair naturalists will enjoy both the evolutionary perspective and the authors' look at the environmental threats facing the shark, a victim of overfishing and "recreation." It seems that even the "consummate predator" is no match for human industry.
    Fossil Shark Teeth An easy to understand book on fossil shark tooth identification. Clear photos and simple terminology. This book is a must for any fossil collector.
    Fossiling in Florida Want to look for fossils but not sure how to get started? This book tells the reader where to hunt for fossils in Florida, and how to preserve their finds for another million years. The photographs help in identifying bones and teeth and distinguishing a prehistoric bison from a farmer's lost cow.
    Discovering Fossils 160 drawings 6 x 9 Complete beginners guide to fossil collecting Includes lesser-studied vertebrate fossils Detailed illustrations for identification and comparison Earlier life forms are buried all over the earths surface in oceans, on mountain slopes, in our backyards. Discovering Fossils provides an essential background on where to search for fossils, how to scan for the right textures and shapes, and how to properly extract and protect ones finds a perfect reference for new collectors young and old. Includes practical advice on what to wear and which tools to carry as well as an illustrated identification section of common fossil finds. Frank A. Garcia is responsible for more than 30 previously undiscovered species of prehistoric animals. He lives in Ruskin, Florida. Donald S. Miller is a fossil collector, writer, and proprietor of Millers Fossils in Wilmington, Delaware. Artist, author, and fossil collector Jasper Burns lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.


black water fossil diving identification guide by daniel bergFossil Diving Identification Guide  ebook
The Black Water River Diver's guide to Identification of Fossil Shark Teeth, Fossils and Early Man Spear Points.

Black Water Fossil Diving Identification Guide is a 39 page Book.The text is packed with information and color images. Find out what Fossil diving in South Carolina is all about or use the guide to help identify your own fossils. Learn how to successfully search for huge Carcharodon megalodon teeth.

 Capt. Dan has included many of Mike McMeekin and Vito Bertucci's river diving tips and fossil images. Learn why even if you get separated from the boat never swim to shore.

This New Fossil book is heavily illustrated with photographs. Divers, fossil hunters, armchair sailors or anyone with a general interest in history, diving, or fossils will surely find this book informative, fascinating and the perfect addition to their library

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